Luoniva was founded out of a desire to get to do something beautiful on hand using natural materials. In the summer of 2020, Luoniva's founder Tiina asked her handy father to teach her how to make birch paper. However, the material had gotten too dry, so the cock cracked, but at the same time Tiina found a lot of reindeer horns in the corner of the workshop and started grinding it. Puuha was so nice that the reindeer horns went home and there, too, Tiina's man Mikko started shaping the horns. Necklaces and hunting memorabilia according to customers' wishes were also completed on request.

So the job started pretty quickly and in the fall of 2020 a company called Luoniva
was established. Reindeer horn is currently the main material, but interest in other natural materials is still strong - especially for wood.