Nordesans Oy

Nordesans Oy is an online store in Lapland specializing in handicraft products made by small producers. Our company is located in Rovaniemi and the products in our online store come from all over the Nordic region. What happens when you leave Lapland for a small village? Let's go home and bring the world with us.

Crafts are always sought after as they have been made for generations with skill and love. Pohjola is full of various craftsmen who do not have a proper opportunity to sell their products, and unfortunately not all customers have the opportunity to buy them directly from producers. Nordesans Oy wants to create a connection between customers and small producers.

The heart of Nordesans Oy is the entrepreneur Kimmo Tuhkala, who, sitting with his friends by the campfire, noticed that they did not have a decent knife or a flower. Kimmo knew the factors all over Lapland, but they were very difficult to reach. While a friend was still practicing holes in her wool socks, Kimmo got an idea to develop: How to get all the necessary, skilled products from one place?
As a continuation of the group, Kimmo also wanted to highlight folklore natural products, as well as Lapland's own superfoods. Product by product Nordesans Oy expanded into a real company, not just a dream.

By supporting small producers, we support life in rural areas as well as the skills taught from one generation to the next.