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IHANA Soap Tray Pine 10cm x 7cm

IHANA Soap Tray Pine 10cm x 7cm

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Handmade 100% Finnish pine, water and moisture resistant traditional soap tray.

The soap tray has been treated and oiled with clean and safe linseed oil, which prevents moisture and water from entering the wood structures.

The base, handmade from Finnish pine, is surface fired, which beautifully emphasizes the natural fibers of the wood, improves durability, and also helps in fighting moisture and water.

The wooden soap tray is naturally antibacterial.

The soap tray can be used on both sides.

  • Material: Finnish pine.
  • Processing: Surface burning / Linseed oil.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Koko: 10cm x 7cm x 2,5cm.

Quantity: 1 pc.

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