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Handsome Softening Organic Vanilla-Bourbon Shaving Oil 50ml

Handsome Softening Organic Vanilla-Bourbon Shaving Oil 50ml

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Handmade and Finnish, 100% vegan, vitamin-rich, beard softening and moisturizing shaving oil with real Bourbon whiskey and organic vanilla.

Shaving oil contains moisturizing organic sesame oil, grape seed oil to treat the skin and allantoin, which effectively softens dry and coarse beards.

The oil contains organic ginger that brightens and reduces skin irritation, as well as organic cloves, which have a natural soothing and cleansing effect on the skin.

Shaving oil gives a light grip and is suitable for treating the beard and skin. 

The masculine soft vanilla and toasty scent comes from genuine Bourbon whiskey used in the oil, organic vanilla extract and organic sesame oil.

  • parabeniton.
  • Sulfate free.
  • Does not contain alcohol.
  • Gives a light grip.
  • 100% Vegan.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Handmade.
  • Made in Finland.

Size: 50ml.

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